Friendsgiving Decorations

Cecelia Morton
9 min readJun 18, 2024


Get ready to gather your closest friends and add a dose of fun to your Friendsgiving celebration with our handpicked selection of decorations. Bring your party to life with dazzling lighting, charming table settings, and heartwarming accents that’ll make your guests feel right at home.

The Top 7 Best Friendsgiving Decorations

  1. Happy Friendsgiving Decorations Set — 2 Banners & Tassel Banner — Brighten up your Friendsgiving celebration with these beautifully crafted, golden Happy Friendsgiving banners, featuring a turkey and autumnal tassels, making your holiday home shine with festive cheer.
  2. 7-Gost Friendsgiving Photo Booth Decorations — Celebrate the spirit of Friends Thanksgiving with these 25pcs photo booth props, perfect for creating unforgettable memories at your Friendsgiving party.
  3. Customizable Friendsgiving Photo Fun Signs — Bring joy to your holiday festivities with these vibrant Foil Friendsgiving Photo Fun Signs, perfect for customizing your memories and fitting in perfectly with your Thanksgiving, Fall or festive celebrations.
  4. Korhonen Friendsgiving Party Banner Backdrop — Celebrate Friendsgiving in style with this vibrant and durable banner decoration, perfect for enlivening your autumn gathering with joyful spirit and precision!
  5. 3-D Foil Happy Friendsgiving Centerpiece Pack — Bring life to your Friendsgiving table with these festive 3-D foil Happy Centerpieces, beautifully printed in the USA for the ultimate celebration!
  6. Thanksgiving Friendsgiving Party Decorations Set — Elevate your Friendsgiving party with this 25-person decorations set, featuring high-quality, safe paper plates and cups, perfectly customized for Thanksgiving party decorations and fall celebrations.
  7. Yaaaaas! 24 Friendsgiving Photo Props Centerpiece Set — Elevate your Friendsgiving table with these high-quality, vibrant centerpiece sticks — perfect for creating a memorable photo op and bringing a festive touch to your party!

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Happy Friendsgiving Decorations Set — 2 Banners & Tassel Banner

These Happy Friendsgiving Banners were the perfect addition to my Friendsgiving dinner party! With two banners in each package, we had one with “Happy Friendsgiving” written across it, measuring at about 5.8 feet long, and another one with golden leaves and paper tassels, reaching a grand 6 feet!

They added a lovely touch of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere, and the turkey on the “Happy Friendsgiving” banner was a hilarious yet charming touch. The overall quality was excellent, and they were incredibly easy to hang. Would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to add some fun and festive decor with a personal touch to their Friendsgiving celebration!

7-Gost Friendsgiving Photo Booth Decorations

These Friendsgiving photo booth props are a fantastic addition to your Thanksgiving Day party supplies and decorations. Each prop in the kit is designed to help you create lasting memories of your event. Simply stick the props on wooden sticks with the provided double-sided adhesive and hold them up for your photo shoot.

Easy assembly is required — the kit includes 25 card props, 25 sticks, and 25 pieces of double-sided adhesive. With this convenience, you’ll be able to capture fun moments with your friends and family. Embrace the spirit of friendship and gratitude with these adorable props, perfect for your Thanksgiving party.

Customizable Friendsgiving Photo Fun Signs

I recently tried the Beistle Foil Friendsgiving Photo Fun Signs, and I must say, they added a fun touch to my Thanksgiving celebration. The vibrant photo fun signs were a hit among my guests, and they made our photos look extra special. It was easy to customize the photos with these fabulous signs, and the two different designs printed on opposite sides gave us a variety to choose from.

The quality and durability of these signs were impressive, as they were made with foil on one side and printed on the other. They were perfect for both Thanksgiving and fall festive occasions, and I appreciated the different sizes available, ranging from 7" to 13". Overall, the Beistle Foil Friendsgiving Photo Fun Signs were a great addition to my Friendsgiving decorations, and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to spruce up their holiday photos.

Korhonen Friendsgiving Party Banner Backdrop

Bring some joy to your Friendsgiving celebration with this colorful banner backdrop. Measuring 77x44 inches, this decoration perfectly complements the festive atmosphere of the occasion. Made of durable polyester fabric that can be used both indoors and outdoors, the banner features a cheerful design that highlights the precious meaning of Friendsgiving.

Its grommet holes make it easy to hang, and you can display it on the wall, wood trim, or edge of a table for a lovely touch to your gathering. Although it can only be hand-washed, the vibrant colors and quality fabric make it a great addition to your Friendsgiving decorations.

3-D Foil Happy Friendsgiving Centerpiece Pack

The Happy Friendsgiving Centerpiece Pack offers a delightful, handcrafted touch to your Friendsgiving gathering. Made with durable cardstock paper, these 2 table centerpieces feature shiny foil print on one side, adding a touch of elegance and charm to any table. Each one measures 6.25 inches tall by 13.5 inches wide, perfect for making a statement at your festive occasion.

Being proudly “Made in the USA, “ this product is a great way to support local craftsmanship while adding a personal touch to your Friendsgiving decorations.

Thanksgiving Friendsgiving Party Decorations Set

I recently hosted a Friendsgiving party and decided to give this decorations set a try. Serving 25 guests with ease was a breeze, thanks to the 25 large dinner plates and the same number of dessert plates. The beverage cups completed the set, making it a perfect tableware solution for our festive gathering.

The customized decorations, featuring turkey, pumpkins, leaves, and the words “Friends giving, “ added a creative touch to our Thanksgiving celebration. The quality of the paper plates and cups lived up to my expectations, and I appreciated that they were safe for both adults and kids.

One downside was that these cups are only suitable for cold drinks. However, overall, the set made planning and hosting my Friendsgiving party much easier and more enjoyable.

Yaaaaas! 24 Friendsgiving Photo Props Centerpiece Set

Last Thanksgiving, I was tasked with finding the perfect centerpiece for our Friendsgiving party. While browsing, I stumbled across these Friendsgiving Centerpiece Sticks Set of 24. I must admit, the vibrant colors and intricate designs really caught my eye.

Upon receiving the set, I was thrilled to see the high-quality cardstock material. The patterns and hues were truly breathtaking. Not only did they look great, but they were non-fading and non-toxic, making them safe for everyone to enjoy.

However, one thing I noticed was that the set did not include any bases. So, I ended up using small round plates to hold them in place. Despite this minor inconvenience, the unique design and perfect size of these sticks made them the star of our Thanksgiving party.

Overall, these Friendsgiving Centerpiece Sticks are a fun and elegant addition to any Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving party. The only downside is that you’ll need to provide your own bases, but with the stunning designs and quality, I think it’s worth the extra effort.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide for Friendsgiving decorations. This section is designed to help you make informed decisions when choosing the perfect décor for your Friendsgiving gathering. We’ll cover important features to consider, thoughts on budgeting, and advice on creating a festive atmosphere for your gathering.

Featured Considerations

When shopping for Friendsgiving decorations, consider the following factors to ensure you create the perfect ambiance for your celebration. These factors include: style, color scheme, material, and safety aspects of the decorations. By taking these elements into account, you’ll be able to seamlessly blend your personal tastes with the celebration’s theme.

Setting Your Budget

Budgeting is a key consideration when planning any event, and Friendsgiving is no exception. While it’s essential to set a reasonable budget, it’s also important to remember that the cost of decorations depends on the quality and style you choose. Consider your total budget and allocate a portion for decorations, taking into account other expenses like food, drinks, and entertainment. Remember, you can always find affordable yet stylish decoration options through sales, clearance sections, or online marketplaces.

Creating a Festive Atmosphere

To make your Friendsgiving gathering truly memorable, it’s crucial to create a festive atmosphere that sets the tone for the evening. This may involve using a combination of different decorative elements such as table runners, confetti, balloons, and more. Consider adding a touch of warmth with candles or string lights, and don’t forget the importance of music in setting the mood. Choose songs that evoke feelings of joy and warmth to enhance the overall experience.

Environmental Concerns

Finally, it’s essential to keep sustainability in mind when choosing Friendsgiving decorations. Opt for eco-friendly materials or items that can be reused or repurposed after the celebration. This approach not only benefits the environment but also makes your event more memorable as guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


What are Friendsgiving decorations?

Friendsgiving decorations refer to the festive embellishments and decorative elements used to celebrate Friendsgiving, a holiday inspired by the television show Friends. Friendsgiving is celebrated with friends, similar to Thanksgiving, and has become a popular trend in recent years. Decorations include table settings, centerpieces, banners, and other decorative items that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

These decorations aim to enhance the overall ambiance of the gathering and create a sense of camaraderie amongst friends. Friendsgiving decorations can be personalized to reflect the theme and preferences of the individuals hosting the event, making it a unique and memorable experience for all involved.

What are some popular themes for Friendsgiving decorations?

Popular themes for Friendsgiving decorations include the television show Friends, fall colors, vintage or retro, and rustic or rustic-chic. These themes provide a foundation for incorporating various decorative elements such as table runners, centerpiece items, banners, and more. By selecting a specific theme, hosts can create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere that sets the tone for the gathering.

For those who want to add a personal touch, incorporating elements that represent the interests or personalities of the guests can be a fun way to make the decorations unique and memorable. This could include favorite quotes, family photos, or items that reflect the guests’ hobbies or professions. By weaving these elements into the decor, the Friendsgiving celebration becomes even more special and meaningful to all who attend.

What are some essential Friendsgiving decorations?

Some essential Friendsgiving decorations include a festive table setting, centerpieces, and banners. A visually appealing table setting can help set the stage for a memorable meal with friends. Centerpieces can add color, texture, and interest to the table, while banners can provide a focal point and showcase the theme of the gathering. Additional decorative elements such as lighting, candles, and table runners can further enhance the overall atmosphere.

When choosing essential Friendsgiving decorations, it’s essential to consider the theme, color scheme, and personal preferences of the host and guests. By selecting decorations that align with these factors, the Friendsgiving celebration will be both visually appealing and reflective of the warm camaraderie that the holiday celebrates.

Can I make my own Friendsgiving decorations?

Yes, you can make your own Friendsgiving decorations. DIY projects can be a fun way to personalize the decor and add a unique touch to your celebration. Some ideas for DIY Friendsgiving decorations include making your own table runners, creating handmade centerpieces, and designing custom banners or signs. These projects can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire, depending on your skills and preferences.

There are numerous resources available online, such as blogs, Pinterest, and YouTube tutorials, that can provide inspiration and guidance for creating your own Friendsgiving decorations. Additionally, involving friends in the creation process can be a fun way to bond and create lasting memories together.

Where can I purchase Friendsgiving decorations?

Friendsgiving decorations can be purchased from various sources, both online and in-store. Online retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Etsy offer a wide selection of Friendsgiving decorations, making it convenient to shop from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, specialty stores and party supply outlets may carry Friendsgiving decoration items, so it’s essential to do some research to find the best selection for your needs.

When purchasing Friendsgiving decorations, consider factors such as the theme, color scheme, and pricing. It’s also a good idea to read customer reviews to get a sense of the quality and durability of the products. By taking the time to research and select the right decorations, your Friendsgiving celebration is sure to be a success.

How early should I start preparing Friendsgiving decorations?

Preparing Friendsgiving decorations can take time, so it’s essential to plan ahead. Ideally, you should start preparing your decorations at least a week before the event to ensure you have everything you need and enough time to assemble and arrange the items. If you’re making your own decorations, it’s even more important to allow ample time for planning, gathering materials, and completing the projects.

As you begin your Friendsgiving decoration preparations, consider creating a checklist to help you stay organized and on track. This can include items such as purchasing decorations, gathering materials for DIY projects, and setting aside time for assembly and arrangement. By having a clear plan and timeline in place, you’ll be well-prepared for a successful Friendsgiving celebration.

As an Amazon Associate I receive compensation from qualified purchases.